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People With Herpes is one of the larst free herpes dating site for people with herpes. It has about 1,062,551 people with herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2) on the site. When you have been infected with the herpes simplex virus (either HSV1 or HSV2), You may feel upset and alone. Many HSV singles find love and support in 100% private community for people living with Herpes.


People With Herpes is the best free dating site for people with herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2). It was started in 2002 and has more than 1,063,249 members till now. In general, people with STDs will be judged and discriminated against by other people. So finding an enviroment which is non-judgemental, discrimination-free is good for most people with herpes.

Dating is a beautiful and serene activity. This statement is true for people who do not have sexually transmitted diseases (STD). However, in case of people with STD, dating is a dreaded word. It is not they do not like dating or anything of that sort. It is just that, the diseases such as herpes and so on starts playing in the subconscious mind. You have to admit that people with herpes find it difficult to date at the normal dating sites. Of course, no one wants to contract the dreaded disease.

In the case, you are able to meet people with herpes; you should ask them the pain of dating at the normal sites. The best way out for people with genital herpes is that they should browse through the website for finding dating sites for people with herpes. You will be surprised to know that there are free dating sites for people with herpes on the internet. One such website is


In fact, you can join these websites free. There is a simple registration procedure. The first page entails you to give your basic information. The second page will ask for details about your affliction with herpes or any other STD. You should be honest with yourself and fill up the details. On submitting the same, you can have access to the website and have contact with people living with herpes. They may also be having an urge similar to yours. You can have chats and fix up appointments as well. Many such relationships have culminated in the altar of marriage too.

Who can join this site?

You have a very simple answer to this question. People with herpes having interest to date similarly afflicted people can join these free herpes dating sites. Of course, people without STD are also free to join. However, you may not find any such willing person in this world. Important details to share: The website requires you to share confidential details about yourself as far as affliction with herpes is concerned. You should be candid enough to admit your level of affliction. This would give the other person a fair idea of what to expect from you. Of course, you can be sure that your data will remain confidential to the outside world. The website has enough precautionary measures to take care of this aspect.

Advantages of using this website:

This website has its own inherent advantages. We shall list them out for you.

    • Dating through this website sends the signal to the other person that you have herpes. There is no need for concealment of facts. You will also know the status of the other person. Hence, from the transparency angle, this dating site is perfect.
    • A person with herpes can alone understand the pains of a similarly affected person. You will be able to share your problems with similarly affected people. You may be able to share experiences as well as methods of medication and so on.
    • The best advantage of this website is that you will be able to have a date peacefully with the full knowledge that the other person is aware of your STD.
    • (Herpes simplex virus )HSV singles have the option of hsv dating with similarly afflicted people. This ensures that you do not communicate this disease to other non-affected persons.
    • You have access to an STD counselor who can guide you through a recovery process. You will also have access to many success stories of people with STD having overcome the problems. You will be privy to STD legal information. This will enable you to know your rights as an STD afflicted person.
    • There are forums and blogs about STDs. You will become an active member of these blogs and share content worldwide.
    • This website gives you a sense of privacy. Your email and other details will be out of public domain.
    • This website has the facility of anonymous chatting. You may not know the details of the person at the other end of the line.  
    • The website has cost benefits too. The website is free to join. This site offers free herpes dating service for singles with herpes. 
    • Dating through this website can solve the problems of loneliness and feel upset.
    • More than a million people with STD are registered members of the website.


    Until very recently, persons with STD would find it difficult to find partners for dating because of their STD affliction. Now, dating with herpes has become very easy, as there are dedicated websites for the same. They can find solace among like-minded people. The anonymity you get from dating on this website is the best advantage. People with STD can now satisfy their basic urges with similarly afflicted persons.  


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